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    Our Partners

    Our Partners


    Trazano Truck Tires

    Trazano Premium Truck Tires

    Your One Stop tire shop for south texas

    OTR Tires

    Yokohama OTR Tires

    otr, earthmover, truck, loader,

    Container loads only. Available for worldwide distribution. 

    2400R35 E-4

    2700R49 E-4

    3300R51 E-4

    45/65R45 L-5

    (210) 742-1350

    OTR Tire Retreads


    Special Prices

    17.5R25 E/L-3   $  900.00

    20.5R25 E/L-3  $1,200.00

    23.5R25 E/L-3  $1,500.00

    Our Warehouse

    McDonald Tire LLC

      4130 S Loop 1604 E

    San Antonio, TX 78264 

     (210) 742-1350

    McDonald Tire LLC

    Boto OTR Tires


    These tires are now available from our warehouse in San Antonio, Texas

    17.5R25 L-3 & L-5

    20.5R25 L-3 & L-5

    23.5R25 L-3 & L-5

    29.5R25 L-3

    (210) 742-1350


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