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OTR Tires

Yokohama OTR Tires

otr, earthmover, truck, loader,

Container loads only. Available for worldwide distribution. 

2400R35 E-4

2700R49 E-4

3300R51 E-4

45/65R45 L-5

WhatsApp 1-210-367-5853

3000R51** Michelin XDR E-4 Truck Tires


56 - Available - EXW Rotterdam or Durban

$5,000 Each 2012, 2013, 2014 Production

WhatsApp 1-210-367-5853

Boto OTR Tires


These tires are now available from our warehouse in San Antonio, Texas

17.5R25 L-3 & L-5

20.5R25 L-3 & L-5

23.5R25 L-3 & L-5

29.5R25 L-3

WhatsApp 1-210-367-5853

Used tires, retread tires, loader tires, otr tires, earthmover tires

Remold Retread OTR Tires

Used OTR Tires

Available Our Warehouse

San Antonio, Texas

17.5R25 - 20.5R25 - 23.5R25

26.5R25 PC - 29.5R25 PC



24 - 59/80R63** Bridgestone VRF E3A

FOB Alvarado, Texas

Call For Price And Details

53.5/85X57 Firestone Loader Tires
2012/2013 Production
Located Australia

12 - 53.5/85X57 Firestone Loader Tires

2012/2013 Production Australia

Call For Price And Details

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We Have You Covered

Do you have heavy machinery you’re responsible for? Whether it’s a small earthmover or a large crane, no heavy equipment can operate without tires. Make sure your equipment has the right OTR or Off-The-Road / Earthmover tires to get the job done.

When you need tires capable of riding over rough terrain and rugged landscapes, come to  Magic Tire Sales Inc for our supply of off-the-road tires, new, used and retreaded. Warehouses in San Antonio, Texas - Los Angeles, California Jacksonville, Florida - Houston, Texas - Kernersville, North Carolina - Dallas, Texas - Denver, Colorado - Perth Australia.

We are exporters of new Off-The-Road tires. Trading partners located in South Africa, Romania, Mongolia, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, and Russia.

We buy surplus tires.

When you think about tires, think about us! 

We have have over 200 years experience in the tire business!

OTR Mining Tires Direct

San Antonio, Texas

Al - Office 1-210-495-7143

Al - Mobile / WhatsApp 1-210-367-5853

Vince - Indonesia / Asia / Australia - +61 400202122 

Pari - South Africa / Cyprus +357 97 889021 

Jedi - Southwest USA - 1-210-885-9080

Richard - USA / Middle East - 1-951-956-4108 

Jerry - Eastern USA - 1-318-218-1118 

Luis  - Western USA / Mexico- Luis - 1-303-718-1276 

Larry - Northeast USA - 1-336-345-3504 

Rob - South / Midwest  - 1-605-366-3395 

Jesse - South / Canada - 1-605-521-8264 

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